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Welcome To Girls Take The Spotlight
Girls Take The Spotlight is a site about the women of the manga and anime, because the guys are always the stars. I only have a few pages so far, meaning I don't have many people on my site. This first page is a shrine to Washu, the little scientist of Tenchi Muyo.
~Little Washu~

About Washu
Heart broken by the loss of her son, Washu remained in the body of a child so that she could escape the everyday problems of adults. Washu now lives in Tenchi's house, her sub-space lab connected to the closet under the stairs. Washu usually keeps to herself and is rarely seen except for meals or occasionally if the episode is based on her. Washu has a telepathic link with Ryoko, like Ryoko has with Ryo-ohki. Washu also has some powers, like being able to teleport to places she's been, and creating energy swords, like Ryoko does.

Washu's Family
Believe it or not, one way or another Washu is pretty much related to every character on Tenchi Muyo. How is Washu related to them? Well I'll tell you: Washu is related to every Juraian because Washu's sister, Tsunami, is the mother of all the spacetrees, the Juraian ancestors. That covers everyone except Ryoko and Mihoshi (I don't believe she's related to Kiyone). Ryoko is Washu's creation, thus her "daughter". Mihoshi is said to be Washu's great grand-daughter, because Mihoshi's grandfather, the Marshall at Galaxy Police, is actually Washu's son. Weither that's true or not many don't know. Washu's husband's name also remains unknown, and Washu has two sisters, Tsunami and Tokimi.

Washu's Origin
Washu was somewhat of a goddess 20,000 years ago, where she was immortal and free spirited. When Washu became mortal, her memory and most of her goddess powers were sealed in three gems, which Ryoko now uses as the sorce of her power. Washu's sister Tsunami has since then also become mortal, and is now in the body of Sasami to save her life from an attack on Jurai that took place hundreds of years ago. Kagato was one of Washu's students, and helped her create Ryoko, and because of her resembelance to Kagato, some think Ryoko might have some of Kagato's cells as well as Washu's, possibly making Kagato Ryoko's father. Because of Kagato's greed, he sealed Washu in a crystal in the reverse demention of the Souja, Kagato's ship, so he could have tottal control over Ryoko. For 500 years Washu was trapped in the Souja until the bubble-headed Mihoshi accedently set her free. Since then Washu has lived with everyone else in Tenchi's house.

Tokimi - Washu - Tsunami
Above you see the three sisters/goddesses : Tokimi, Washu, and Tsunami. This is supposedly before the creation of Jurai and Washu's days at the academy.

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